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If you want to raise funds, set up a business, or invest in the development of your business you’d want to look into a business or commercial loan. Sourcing out the best loan package possible to aid your investment strategy is also as important.

Our Commercial Loan Townsville team have many years of experience in assisting clients with their commercial and business loans. In order for you to achieve your commercial decisions, we will be assisting you with any immediate or long-term plans for your loan funding. We’re confident in helping you, and providing you with a unique and tailored strategy together with our large network of lenders, network of resources and expertise.

The following are some reasons why you should obtain a commercial loan:

  • Purchasing of a franchise;
  • Acquiring businesses/companies;
  • Purchasing long-term assets & inventory;
  • Commercial real estate;
  • Developing property; and
  • Upscaling infrastructure.

These reasons highlight the importance of understanding how a commercial loan can be beneficial to your strategy, and know its difference from a regular home loan. There are a many different types of commercial loans available.

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Type of Commercial Loans

Term loan

If you need help in purchasing or setting up a business, or assistance with a business expansion for the development of your business you’d want to look into term loans. It’s a form of financing that’s ordinarily amortised over a fixed number of years. It’s the type of commercial loan that would suit the funding for business expansions, capital purchases, development of commercial property and the like. Through a term loan a variable or fixed interest rate may be used along with different types of repayment options.

Commercial bill

A commercial bill is ideal for you if you’re looking for the type of finance that offers flexibility and with interest rates that are reflective of the market. It is a lending facility that’s ideal for short and long term financial requirements, which includes, but are not limited to, the management of effective cash flow with payment only upon the maturity of the Bill together with the provision of interest rate protection & flexibility. It is essentially a promise made to the financial institution or lender of an agreed amount with a set date of maturity.


In order to manage any fluctuations of cash flows, which will not require regular payments, setting up a commercial overdraft would allow you to set a credit limit facility to be utilised. You can achieve this as long as the amount of the overdraft doesn’t exceed the facility's limit, and can be secured or unsecured by a mortgage and other securities.

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